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p r e s s   2016
Oktober 2016
Zürcher Miszellen
August 2016
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung
August 2016
Frankfurter Rundschau
August 2016
Frankfurter Neue Presse
August 2016
hr hessenschau kompakt
August 2016
hr2 Frühkritik
p r e s s   2015
Mai 2015
Beatritz Barragan reports from gallery weekend, Berlin
p r e s s   2013
Juli 2013
Farben der Erinnerung
April 2013
Ausschnitt mit
Dieter Mammel und
Wilhelm Schmid
aus der Sendung Glaubensachen
Deutsche Welle TV
Februar 2013
Berlin Ausstellung:
TV Berlin
p r e s s   2012
Juni 2012
Familie in Tusche
Westfälische Rundschau
p r e s s   2011
Oktober 2011
Blubbern, sprudeln, spritzen
September 2011
Der Reutlinger
über die Eröffnung von
Dieter Mammels
Ausstellung "Die Bank"
September 2011
über die Eröffnung von
Dieter Mammels
Ausstellung "Die Bank"
p r e s s   2010
Juni 2010
Under Deep Water
Osthaus Museum Hagen
arte berichtet
Juni 2010
Under Deep Water
Osthaus Museum Hagen
3Sat Kulturzeit berichtet
Juni 2010
today's zaman
Dieter Mammel encounters the
‘self’ under deep water
Juni 2010
Milliyet Sanat
Mai 2010
Tayfun Belgin
Direktor Osthaus Museum Hagen
Mammels Strom
Mai 2010
Tayfun Belgin
Direktor Osthaus Museum Hagen
Mammels current
April 2010
XPAT Athens
The Artist's Glance
p r e s s    2 0 0 9
Tage der offenen Ateliers in Frankfurt
"Open Doors" 2009 berichtet
Kerber Verlag
August 2009
Arno Neumann
Potsdamer Stadtkurier
Juli 2009
Ralf Schuster
Events - Magazin
Juli 2009
Klaus Büstrin
Potsdamer Neueste Nachrichten
Juli 2009
Ingeborg Ruthe
Berliner Zeitung
Mai 2009
Christoph Schütte
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung
Mai 2009
Jutta Meyer zu Riemsloh
M.A. Kunstverein
p r e s s    2 0 0 8
RTL Nacht Journal
p r e s s    2 0 0 7
arte kultur
ArtScope Magazine Chicago
TIP Kunst-Notizen
Galerie Seitz & Partner
p r e s s    2 0 0 6
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung
Thanassis Frissiras Gallery
p r e s s    2 0 0 5
highlights #18
p r e s s    2 0 0 4
17. Juli
16. April
Reutlinger Generalanzeiger
16. Februar
Reutlinger Generalanzeiger
16. Februar
Südwest Presse, Ulm
p r e s s    2 0 03
Dr. Christoph Schreier
Stellv. Direktor
zur Ausstellung
"family works"
Dieter Ronte
Kunstmuseum Bonn
Vorwort zum Katalog
" family works"
p r e v i o u s
TIP Berlin
13. Oktober 1998
Stuttgarter Zeitung
26. Juli 1997
Der Tagesspiegel
Stuttgarter Zeitung

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Mammel's Current

It’s a vision and we get to share it: Occident and Orient softly meet – in water. The German painter, Dieter Mammel, the Italian filmmaker Claudio Malasomma and the Turkish composer Görkhan Kirdar are a trio that has managed to dissolve boundaries. The film opens in Berlin and closes in Istanbul. And between is plot, between is music.

The scenes of the film “Under Deep Water” draw their strength from Dieter Mammel’s painting, in which the element of flow is fundamental. Mammel prefers wet canvases that allow his pictorial world to blossom in its flowing ink and watercolors. In the film, the scenes pour across the screen in unpredictable sequences – images that show life in water as well as life out of the water.

In Berlin a boy jumps into a lake, the Krumme Lanke. He will travel through time, he will look back longingly, but also look forward to the unknown. We see him swim, follow a girl in the water, eat a melon, embrace his mother, and at some point – as a young man – dive up out of the water. The journey through the images includes scenes cut in such away as to keep us in suspense, not immediately revealing their meanings and connections. Is the pot of pea soup on the stove a nightmare for the boy, especially when he sees his own face in a bowl of pea soup? Is the reappearing white dress a leitmotif? Did it belong to his mother or the girl, whom he is following in his daydreams? The dress is wrung out several times, a house burns down, three mermaids emerge. A monkey under water. Seemingly surreal moments, directed sensitively, which don’t give much away at first.

In the Orient, in the hamam in Istanbul, the monkey once again appears: it could very well be the alter ego of the boy. Somehow the animal is always present, if only as a shadow. And then, on the famous Galata Bridge, a young woman comes into view. She’s wearing a white negligee, unusual for the world of the Orient and obviously challenging for the filmmaker, considering the seeming omnipresence of the authorities. Later, the young woman is going to smoke a water pipe, the young man will emerge out of the water and find out that his journey is coming to an end at the Bosporus. A journey to a foreign place with familiar experiences. Does he meet the young woman? In the hamam, where body and soul are purified, all the images seem to flow together once again. The young man muses, reflecting on himself. He departs from the film with two empty bowls in his hand – the future seems to be open.

Dieter Mammel’s paintings from the last seven years are being exhibited by “Ruhr 2010” at the Osthaus Museum Hagen in honor of the European Capital of Culture 2010. His images from these paintings flow into the film “Under Deep Water”, which will be shown on several screens during the exhibit and give us the opportunity not only to compare, but to let us dive in and experience the work more deeply, before and after the viewing of the film. All of Dieter Mammel’s paintings are emphatically emotional. They allow us to dream.

Tayfun Belgin ,
Direktor Osthaus Museum Hagen
Mai 2010